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September 21, 1999.

It was an ordinary night. Warm and humid, like any other typical September night in Taiwan. My wife Leah had just had surgery for her melanoma and needed absolute peace and quiet, so I slept with our almost-two-year-old son Mike in the next room. Our six-month-old boy…

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I’m from Taiwan, a small island next to mainland China. With an area of a little more than half of West Virginia, we squeeze a population bigger than Florida. When I was a kid, to get into senior high schools or colleges, one should pass the annual entrance exams. Many…

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First, let me briefly tell you about my personal journey to my Ph.D. Hopefully, it gives you an idea about what it takes, and what you might be able to do if you want a Ph.D. with a limited budget too.

When I arrived in Hawaii for college, I had…

A professor’s confession
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What is it like to be a professor? Is it worth it? What are the challenges?

Well, to be honest, there were times I was so pissed I seriously considered leaving academia for good. But after weighing the pros and cons, I stayed.

If you ask me, this job is…

Debunk the Fake “Einstein Stories”
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There are quite a few “Christian God proving” stories that have circulated the internet for at least a million years, and they all start with an atheist professor or teacher as the villain claiming “God is evil” or “there’s no God,” and then a good faithful, wise student teaches the…

Mark Chu

I’m an associate professor in psychology at a small university in southern New Mexico. I like playing musical instruments, basketball, and writing stories.

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