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I’m from Taiwan, a small island next to mainland China. With an area of a little more than half of West Virginia, we squeeze a population bigger than Florida. When I was a kid, to get into senior high schools or colleges, one should pass the annual entrance exams. Many…

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First, let me briefly tell you about my personal journey to my Ph.D. Hopefully, it gives you an idea about what it takes, and what you might be able to do if you want a Ph.D. with a limited budget too.

When I arrived in Hawaii for college, I had…

Drawing by author, 2022

Around the 4th century BC, more than 2,300 years ago.

There are seven kingdoms in China. Each tries to take over the other, the world becomes a blood-bathed war zone, and therefore this time is called by historians the Warring States period.

But toward the middle of the century, the…

Blood avocado
Painting by author, December 2021

There’s a reason that avocado is called “the green gold.” It’s packed with nutrients, and in general, most people like how it tastes. Healthy and delicious, that’s quite a rare combination. Who doesn’t like it? We should just get tons of it.

Except we shouldn’t — and part of the…

The Mormon church is not without issues
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December! It is a time for love and charity. It’s time broken hearts are healed, the lost souls find their ways home, repented lives are forgiven. And I guess all the churches/faiths around the world become safe havens for many at this time of year.

But someone is spoiling it…

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The other day I watched the Office (the American version), Holly tells Michael Scott: “You do this, you know.”

“Do what?” Michael asks.

“You romanticize things.”

“I don’t romanticize th…No.”

“Michael, you cried at that tagline for a movie you made up.”

I looked at it and knew it deep…

Mark Chu

I’m an associate professor in psychology at a small university in southern New Mexico. I like playing musical instruments, basketball, and writing stories.

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